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Welcome to The Training Room Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapy

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Whether you're an athlete or someone who just wants to stay active and healthy, we specialize in helping YOU get back to being YOU as quickly as possible. Through our comprehensive program, our fully licensed physical therapy staff will assist you through the best course of action to restore, maximize, and preserve function and health.

The Training Room offers personalized treatment by highly experienced, licensed physical therapists who understand your body and care about your recovery. Our treatment focuses on individual patient goals, providing education on injury prevention and exercise maintenance to promote overall health and wellness.

Prevention The physical therapists of The Training Room use various tools to assess your body, helping to prevent injuries before they ever happen. The Functional Movement Screen is a battery of tests designed to identify an asymmetry or major limitation in functional movement patterns. These are the deficits that if left untreated often lead to injury. Pre- and Post-Season Physicals allow athletes to be screened for any areas of deficiency that may need to be addressed prior to or following a sports season.

Rehabilitation The Training Room offers sports medicine across the lifespan, from youth and adolescent to adult and the aging - no matter your level of activity, we will provide a treatment program designed to meet your specific needs. Our physical therapists use scientific literature to guide our treatments and provide you with the most effective and efficient plan on care.

Education The most important step in taking care and preventing injury is knowing how. Through our community lecture series, outreach clinics and training programs, The Training Room provides you with the tools to keep you in shape, progress, and maximize your performance. Our physical therapists not only rehabilitate your current injury but also educate you on how to be independent in an exercise program and maintain your fitness.

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At The Training Room, keeping you moving is our first priority. Whether you are an elite high school athlete, avid tennis player, or someone who enjoys working in your garden, our motivating and caring staff will guide you through your recovery process, we'll keep you moving in the activity that simply relaxes, energizes, or drives you!

Our goal at The Training Room is to provide comprehensive sports and orthopaedic physical therapy with the highest level of personalized care for active people of all ages. We strive to help you return safely to full activity as quickly as possible. Also our goal is to educate you about your injury so you can reduce your risk and prevent any recurrences.